Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

6 January 2015

Vanessa Goodwin, Attorney-General

Liberal Government Standing up for Tasmanian Jobs

The Liberal Government is standing up for Tasmanian jobs and the businesses that create them.

We know that there are radical environmental groups who make a hobby of spreading misinformation to markets with the aim of destroying Tasmanian jobs. Unlike the former Labor-Green government, we will stand up for Tasmanian jobs every day of the week.

Jobs are our number one priority, and the proposed changes to defamation laws we took to the election are about protecting Tasmanian jobs.

This policy, which was endorsed at the election, is all about protecting Tasmanian-based companies and their workers from misleading and dishonest campaigns, such as that against Ta Ann which saw 40 Tasmanians lose their jobs.

We remain committed to our plan to change the defamation laws and work is progressing on this matter.

Neither the Greens or Labor have learnt the lesson from their huge election defeat that Tasmanians do not want a government which supports direct attacks on Tasmanian jobs.

By changing defamation laws in 2006 to prevent businesses from protecting themselves against malicious untruths which cost Tasmanian jobs, Labor began their path towards joining the Greens as cheerleaders for groups who disseminate false and misleading information about Tasmanian employers.

We will always support the right to free speech but that right to free speech needs to be balanced by the opportunity to challenge clearly false and misleading claims which have the potential to destroy jobs.

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