Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

19 December 2018

Will Hodgman, Premier

Leonie Hiscutt to continue to represent Montgomery

I welcome the endorsement of Leonie Hiscutt to contest the Legislative Council seat of Montgomery.

Over the past six years Leonie has been a hard working local member, and strong passionate advocate for North West Tasmania.

Leonie has also taken on the big job of Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council and helping drive the majority Liberal Government’s legislative agenda.

With a background in agriculture, Leonie currently has the important role of Chairing the Tasmanian Meat Industry Working Group, which is developing a long term strategy to secure the future of our valuable livestock industry, including increasing the marketing, value and sales of the Tasmanian meat sector.

Leonie has been an important part of the majority Liberal Government team which has helped turn Tasmania’s economy into the fastest growing in the nation, creating over 15,000 new jobs.

With Labor and the Greens voting together in Parliament more than ever, Leonie has an important role to ensure we continue our plan to grow the economy and create jobs that we were re-elected to deliver in March this year.

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