Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

2 August 2019

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training

Launch of the Child and Student Wellbeing Survey

The Hodgman majority Liberal Government recognises young people’s sense of wellbeing is an important part of how they learn at school.

Evidence shows that students who have greater health and wellbeing are more likely to have better educational outcomes and positive wellbeing throughout their lives.

That is why starting this term, all students in Years 4-12 will be invited to take part in a survey which seeks student’s views about their wellbeing and their engagement with school.

The survey forms part of the 2018 – 2021 Child and Student Wellbeing Strategy: Safe, Well and Positive Learners which aims to put the child at the centre of our efforts to support positive wellbeing and to deliver better outcomes for children and students.

This annual student survey will provide data at grade and school level, and at a system level for schools and the Department.  This important data on the wellbeing of students will be used to plan and implement programs and professional learning to support the wellbeing of all students.

The South Australian Department for Education has been awarded the tender to deliver the Student Wellbeing Survey. We have worked closely with the South Australian Government in the past on a range of commitments and we look forward to extending this relationship to support child and student wellbeing.

The Child and Student Wellbeing Survey is an important step towards achieving our goal for all learners to feel safe, supported, and able to flourish so they can engage in learning.

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