Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

23 October 2017

Rene Hidding, Minister for Infrastructure

Labor’s plan to privatise public transport

Rebecca White’s rail corridor plan is an uncosted disaster in the making that contains no details and raises more questions than it answers.

In fact, the only key detail is a plan to seize the rail corridor and hand it over to developers, which will privatise public transport in Tasmania.

This has clearly been cobbled together at the last minute to give Ms White something to announce in response to mounting pressure at her lack of policies on gaming, 4WD tracks and a number of other key issues important to Tasmanians.

Key questions Ms White must now answer include:

  • Who will build and maintain the stations needed?
  • Will any Government funds be needed both during implementation and ongoing?
  • If so, how much?

Labor in Government provided countless studies and expensive reports on passenger rail and yet did nothing during their 16 years in office, other than to close the line for freight.

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