Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

8 May 2014

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer

Labor's memory lapse on 1000 FTEs

Before the election, Labor and the Greens brought down a budget that included reducing the size of the bureaucracy by a further 1,000 FTEs, but now they are pretending they know nothing about it.

Not only has Labor had a monumental memory lapse on their own savings targets they continue to put their own interests first.  One of Bryan Green's first acts as Opposition Leader was to call for more money to be spent on the limousine service for politicians.

We make no apologies for cutting money spent on limousines for politicians so that we can provide more money for vital frontline services.

Labor left Tasmanians with $1.1 billion in deficits, yet the first thing they did after the election was to put their hands out for more money to spend on themselves.

It is that sort of attitude – putting their own needs before the Tasmanian people, which lost Labor the state election.

In contrast, the Liberal Government will rebuild the budget line-by-line and dollar-by-dollar.  We made a commitment to fix the Labor-Green budget mess, and that's what we will do.

We will not slash and burn in the budget, we will make sensible decisions for a sustainable budget.

Already we are :

  • Implementing strict vacancy controls ensuring that only essential positions are filled
  • Reviewing all discretionary funding on areas like consultants, transport and travel
  • reviewing spending on discretionary grant programs; and
  • suspending all expenditure on non-essential advertising.

That's money that Labor and the Greens wasted on themselves that we are going to put into frontline services, like health and education instead.

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