Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

16 August 2019

Joan Rylah, Liberal Member for Braddon

Labor's appalling record on North-West health exposed

The Labor Party’s token visit to the North-West Coast this week highlights its absolute hypocrisy when it comes to supporting Tasmanians living in regional areas.

Labor’s track record when it comes to the North-West Coast is appalling and no amount of spin can wallpaper over their lack of interest.

Labor’s inferior health policy, which it re-wrote five times, did not commit to a single new bed for the North-West.

Labor did not commit to one more doctor in the North-West or promise a single extra paramedic for the Coast.

Now Labor is trying to stir up trouble at the Mersey Community Hospital when they were the party that actually sold off the Mersey and wanted to close it down, and left neurology services in the North-West in limbo for three years while in government.

North-West Tasmanians have not forgotten that, under Labor, Mersey funding was also dishonestly taken from the hospital and spent in the South.

The Hodgman majority Liberal Government saved the Mersey, we have just opened a life-saving helipad at the site and will invest a record $83.7 million into the hospital in 2019-20, which includes a new 12-bed rehabilitation ward.

In stark contrast to our strong record, which includes record funding for health, Labor can’t produce an alternative budget, they have no policies, they stand for nothing and now they are trying to con North-West Coasters into believing they finally care.

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