Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

11 June 2019

Will Hodgman, Premier

Labor stunt fails

Labor’s constant time wasting stunts in Parliament do nothing to help Tasmanians.

This week in Parliament, the Government is focussed on delivering the Budget, which will deliver more services for Tasmanians, and First Homeowner Grant legislation, which will support more people to get a home.

Labor are again focussed on political games.

Their failed attempt to bring on a no confidence motion today is just another way to disrupt Parliament and draw attention away from the fact that they refuse to offer anything constructive, like an alternative Budget.

This is off the back of seven previous, failed no confidence or censure motion attempts, which ultimately consumed more than 20 hours of the parliament’s time.

The Liberal Government has a strong track record of investing in health under Minister Michael Ferguson, which includes a record $8.1 billion over the next four years – an increase of $544 million.

In the past five years, we have employed more than 1000 THS staff, opened new beds across the state and increased services.

Over the next five years, we will:

  • Finish the RHH, LGH and Mersey Redevelopments
  • Open nearly 300 more hospital beds
  • Recruit almost 1000 new staff into our health system
  • Open acute mental health facilities for adolescents for the first time in Tasmania
  • Have 27 new community-based mental health beds in modern facilities
  • Recruit more than 50 new paramedics in our ambulance service

We know there is increasing demand on our health system and we have always acknowledged more needs to be done.

That’s why we are working with health experts, stakeholder groups and clinicians to deliver a better health system.

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