Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

29 November 2017

Michael Ferguson, Minister for Health

Labor gaffe over non-existent report

Rebecca White has a habit of making stuff up and using Parliament to air false claims – a non-existent “Deloitte report” is the latest example.

There is no such report from Deloitte because the New Bed Implementation Team’s work hasn’t finished, it is ongoing.

Last week I confirmed that work has been commissioned for Cabinet as part of our New Bed Implementation Team work, and that would, as a result, be Cabinet-in-confidence as is longstanding convention.

I have never stated the report was completed or received – it isn’t.

Clearly Labor are more focused on cheap politics than the facts.

The facts are the work being done by the New Bed Implementation Team is seeing the successful roll out of more than 120 extra beds and treatment recliners – that should be welcomed by Labor because it means more Tasmanians getting the care they need sooner.

More than 80 extra beds are already open with the remainder to be open by the middle of next year.

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