Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

15 April 2019

Leonie Hiscutt, Liberal Member for Montgomery

Labor fails the community on mandatory sentencing

Confirmation from Labor and its Montgomery candidate Michelle Rippon that she would vote against mandatory jail for serious child sex offenders is a massive slap in the face for victims and Tasmanians who voted for tougher policy.

It beggars belief that Labor and the Greens would force through changes to gender on birth certificates but oppose tougher sentencing for child sex offenders.

Tasmanians voted overwhelmingly at the 2018 state election for guaranteed sentences for serious child sexual offences after Labor blocked them in the Legislative Council in 2017.

For Ms Rippon to dismiss this important policy as a ‘Hobart-based’ issue* is a disrespectful slap in the face not just to the people of Montgomery, but to the entire Tasmanian community who demand tougher sentences for these offenders.


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