Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

23 May 2018

Roger Jaensch, Minister for Housing

Labor fails on housing

Labors’ embarrassing question time today shows they have nothing to offer Tasmanians except carping and negativity.

It is clear Labor’s only plan for housing is endless reviews and to impose higher taxes on Tasmanians.

The people voted against their weak policies at the election, and the people are never wrong.

Reebcca White has also flip-flopped again on population growth, having now had three different positions since late last year.

Meanwhile, we are getting on with the job of delivering Tasmania’s first Affordable Housing Strategy and the outcomes from the March 15 housing summit.

We have already helped more than 500 new households into affordable, secure and safe homes and are on track to assist 1600 households into affordable housing by June 2019.

We are continuing to roll out 127 new accommodation places that will come online by the end of June, including 78 new two-bedroom units state wide, a 9-unit facility for youth at risk at Moonah, and a 25-unit youth accommodation facility at Devonport.

That’s on top of other commitments we have made that will increase the number of houses in Tasmania, such as:

  • Extending the first home builders boost;
  • a 50 per cent stamp duty holiday for first home buyers who purchase existing homes up to $400,000; and
  • a three year land tax holiday for all new-build housing available for long term rental

We know there are challenges and we are working every day to address them.

Labor have shown again today they have nothing to offer.

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