Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

14 September 2017

Adam Brooks, Liberal Member for Braddon

Labor Failing to Stand Up for North-West on Arthur-Pieman Tracks

Labor continues to give weak and wishy-washy answers when asked if it will support the reopening of tracks in the Arthur-Pieman.

Shane Broad and Rebecca White have not learned the lessons of the previous Labor-Green government and are showing contempt for North-West Tasmanians and particularly those who enjoy this part of our State.

Labor had the opportunity to demonstrate that it is listening to the people of this region, to show that they are no longer tied to the Greens; and they failed.

Asked over and over again if Labor supported reopening these tracks, Mr Broad refused to say yes, let alone give a straight answer. That’s not good enough.

The Liberal Government has been working to reopen these tracks – as we said we would – since we were elected, and, while we have been frustrated by legal challenges by minority groups, we are determined to keep our commitment. One that is the direct result of Labor locking the area up in the first place.

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