Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

22 December 2018

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training

Labor deliberately scaremongering with misinformation

Despite Michelle O’Byrne MP being fully briefed by TASC on exam related matters, today Labor are playing politics by creating fear and misleading students and parents.

It is irresponsible for Labor to claim students should have a lack of confidence in the system and that an exam review costs $50, when they know the actual cost is $15.80.

Students and parents can have every confidence in their results knowing that all exam marking goes through a rigorous process. All reissued results were double checked by the Tasmanian Assessment Standards & Certification (TASC) and the University of Tasmania.

Students may seek to review their exam if they believe there has been a process error. The fee for students to have their work reviewed is $15.80. This fee is prescribed in the (TASC) Regulations and covers a small part of the cost involved.

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