Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

7 December 2018

Will Hodgman, Premier
Minister for Tourism, Hospitality and Events

Labor confirm opposition to tourism projects

The Labor-Green Senate motion yesterday opposing the Lake Malbena eco-tourism proposal demonstrates once again that Labor has completely sold out to the Greens.

After helping the Greens to destroy the forestry industry when in Government, Labor has now joined in the Greens’ anti-tourism agenda.

Where is Rebecca White on this issue? Does she agrees with the Tasmanian Labor Senators and the Greens, or does she support the project and reject attempts to stop or delay it?

Tasmanians support tourism projects which have been through the necessary approvals processes, and so should Labor. Instead, Labor is siding with the Greens to put more obstacles and roadblocks up.

Having voted with the Greens a record 81 per cent of the time in the Tasmanian Parliament this year, it’s clear Ms White has neither the courage, the intent or the numbers in her increasingly left-wing Party to stand up to the Greens.

Two weeks ago we called for Ms White to back the Lake Malbena project, but as usual she’s gone to ground whenever she’s asked to put forward her position on an important issue.

Today is the day for Ms White to come out and back the Lake Malbena project, back the EOI process and send a message that, at least occasionally, Labor will side with job creating businesses over the Greens.

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