Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

12 January 2018

Will Hodgman, Premier

Labor backflip on population target. What's next?

In the space of just three months, Opposition Leader Bec White has gone from claiming a population target is meaningless, to now setting one.

This is yet another backflip by Labor and shows you just don’t know what you’re going to get with Ms White.

In October at the Property Council debate Ms White said:

There is obviously a target that the Government has set out for the future, but by 2022, if we are to have a target I think it’s largely meaningless, unless we’re targeting the right people. Let’s not just have an arbitrary figure.” *

Yet today she is reported as agreeing to a target of 530,000 by 2022 and says it is both “achievable and sustainable”. #

The problem with Labor is they have been lazy for four years, they haven’t done the hard work needed to develop policies and that is why Ms White flip-flops on issues depending on what day it is.

By contrast, the Liberals Population Strategy, released in 2015, sets out the plan to grow Tasmania to 650,000 by 2050.

*Property Council debate October 23 2017

# The Mercury, January 12, 2018

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