Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

28 November 2017

Sarah Courtney, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier

Labor and the Greens get down in the gutter, Liberals continue to outline positive plan

In the last week of Parliament for the term, Labor and the Greens have once again joined together, this time by getting down in the gutter.

Labor and the Greens smeared a number of people, including a Supreme Court judge, a Deputy Secretary (although Labor bizarrely refuses to say which one they were referring to) and the acting Secretary of the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

It’s clear that Labor is trying to throw mud to cover up the fact they have no plans, no policies and nothing beyond empty motherhood statements that mean absolutely nothing.

It sounds like Rebecca White is still getting her marching orders from Bryan Green, who made an appearance with his protégé on the weekend.  It may be a different leader, but it’s the same old Labor.

In contrast, the Hodgman Government used Question Time to outline the significant achievements of the past three and a half years and our plans to build Tasmania’s future if we are re-elected.

Unfortunately, we will see nothing but cheap personal attacks from Labor and the Greens in the last week of Parliament if today is anything to go by.

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