Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

18 November 2018

Sarah Courtney, Liberal Member for Bass

Why won't Labor and the Greens focus on Tasmanians?

This week the Hodgman Liberal Government is focussed on delivering our commitments to build the economy and grow jobs, including on our policy to support businesses to crack down on shoplifting.

In contrast, Labor and the Greens have their priorities all wrong. At the end of the parliamentary year, all they want to talk about is more politicians and changing birth certificates. Labor is moving so far to the left that they are almost indistinguishable from the Greens - that’s not what Tasmanians voted for and shows they have learned nothing from the recent election.

The Government’s plan for Tasmania is working, this past week alone the ABS confirmed the Tasmanian economy has seen its strongest growth in a decade; total employment in Tasmania has surpassed a quarter of a million, while the unemployment rate has dropped in trend terms; and we have seen improvements in Attainment Rate for TCE students.

This has all occurred in a week when Labor and the Greens have been focussing on themselves, rather than the Tasmania people.

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