Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

12 July 2019

Guy Barnett, Minister for Primary Industries and Water

Innovative fund set to drive growth in Tasmanian Agriculture

The Hodgman Liberal Government has an ambitious goal to grow the farm gate value of Tasmanian agriculture to $10 billion by 2050. Developing and adopting new practices and technologies will play a vital part in achieving this aim.

The establishment of the new $3 million Agricultural Innovation Fund will drive research, development and extension projects.

This new fund will invest strategically in innovative agricultural RD&E projects that capitalise on opportunities for growth and development while responding to threats to our vital agricultural sector.

The first RD&E project to be supported by the Agricultural Innovation Fund involves research to expand the treatments for blueberry rust available to Tasmanian blueberry growers, including our organic producers.

The Agricultural Innovation Fund will invest $300,000 in this research which has been supported by the blueberry industry and will be led by the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA).

Additionally, the Government is releasing the Agricultural Research, Development and Extension Principles and Investment Strategy.

The strategy is a key action from the Growing Tasmanian Agriculture RD&E White Paper, and will guide Government investment across the key areas of industry development and sustainable production, capacity building, innovation and international linkages.

To further build on our research capabilities, the Hodgman Liberal Government last month signed a new Joint Venture Agreement with the University of Tasmania, extending this important partnership in agricultural RD&E which began in 1996.

Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture is the Government’s preferred supplier of publicly-funded agricultural research, development and extension services, and is a joint venture of the Tasmanian Government and University of Tasmania

For more information on the Government Ag RD&E Strategy visit https://

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