Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

30 October 2018

Will Hodgman, Premier

Increasing Government transparency and accountability

The Tasmanian Liberal Government is continuing to enhance transparency in government with the expansion of routine disclosure of information across all Departments.

At the end of June 2018, the Government released 37 new routine data sets online, and in the month of October has released a further suite of around 30 routine disclosure items online ensuring Tasmanians have even greater access to information on the activities of government.

The new data releases include:

  • The number of Local Government Division investigations;
  • Service Tasmania services and transaction information;
  • The number of community-based orders, same-sex marriage registrations, people holding Working with Vulnerable People Registrations, number of consumer enquiries and complaints, the collection rate for the Monetary Penalties Enforcement Service;
  • The number of Crop Protection Permits issued; and
  • Department of Treasury and Finance details of all major Government office accommodation leases.

The Government has also released up-to-date Ministerial and Parliamentary Support information, including monthly expenditure by each Minister on items such as travel, entertainment and taxi fares. It also includes reports on each Minister’s Chief-of-Staff credit card expenses, as well as Ministerial office refurbishment costs.

Since the Government’s initial transparency and accountability reforms, there have been;

  • 405 Right to Information requests published online,
  • 275 separate data releases across all Departments, including organisational structures, governance polices, information on major policy and program initiatives, employment and workforce statistics, Senior Executive Service information, telecommunications expenditure, disclosures of gifts, benefits and hospitality, and
  • 162 individual expenditure reports, which have disclosed on a six-monthly basis the monthly expenditure by each Minister and their office.

For more information visit the Government Information Gateway at www.dpac.tas.gov.au.

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