Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

28 December 2017

Rene Hidding, Minister for Infrastructure

Hypocritical Labor running scared of their own record

If Labor think reminding people about their record is negative, that says it all.

After spending the past four years complaining and criticising the Government, hypocritical Labor now wants to try and airbrush their last four years in Government from history.

Almost every day they criticise us over the health system which is now markedly better than under them, yet all they offer in response is a silly policy to put sick people in hotel beds.

The best indicator of future performance is past performance, and therefore we make no apologies for reminding people about just how bad it was under the last Labor-Green minority Government.

At the same time we are outlining our positive plan for the future; since Parliament finished in November we’ve announced nine new policies, while Labor has announced just two.

Everyone knows Labor will do another deal with the Greens if given half a chance - the fact that they’ve already adopted the Greens pokies policy just confirms it.

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