Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

27 December 2017

Roger Jaensch, Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business, Trade, and Red Tape Reduction

Helping business by cutting MORE red tape

The Hodgman Liberal Government was elected with a promise to cut red tape by 20 per cent - four years later we have successfully resolved 78 per cent of red tape issues raised by consumers and our new target is to remove 85 per cent of red tape by 2022.

Our Red Tape Reduction Unit, which operates within the Office of the Coordinator-General, has worked with all departments to change regulations where needed, but has also helped individual businesses to navigate complex red tape applying only to them.

For small businesses in particular, having somewhere to go for help with red tape has been enthusiastically welcomed. A majority Liberal Government will continue the Red Tape Reduction Unit’s role in its second term.  We are committed to ensuring we don’t introduce new red tape and will resist pressure to introduce new regulations that stifle productivity.

In stark contrast, Labor did not mention business once in its Economic Directions Statement. They would abolish the Red Tape Reduction Unit and will take business away from pubs and clubs with their job-destroying pokies policy.

Business confidence and investment is at record highs under the Hodgman Liberal Government, after record lows under Labor and the Greens. Why would anyone want to go back?


The full Tasmanian Red Tape Audit Report 2017-18 is available at cg.tas.gov.au

Key red tape reductions in 2017 include:

  • Legislation to allow industrial hemp seed to be consumed as a food expanding the potential of this market locally, nationally and internationally (refer page 27 for details).
  • Amendments to building legislation to streamline construction activities in Tasmanian including:
    • Duplication for bush fire plans removed
    • Streamlining occupational licencing
    • Risk based building and plumbing approvals
  • Legislative reforms driving access to additional tourism accommodation and services through the sharing economy across the State, to support our T21 targets, including Airbnb and Uber.

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