Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

30 October 2017

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training

Hardie Fellowship recipients announced

Congratulations to the five groups from the Department of Education-  this year’s recipients of the prestigious Hardie Fellowship.

Thanks to a generous bequest left by Professor Charles Dunn Hardie; these five groups will undertake professional learning in the USA.

The Hardie Fellowship provides short and long term opportunities for professional learning and tertiary study and offers immediate and future benefits to the Tasmania's Government education system and students.

This year’s Hardie Fellowship recipients are accomplished educators who will study with global leaders in their fields, gaining access to world class innovation and thinking and developing important global networks and links in the education sector.

The Hodgman Government understands educational leadership and the commitment to actively engage in professional learning is vital to lifting educational achievement and creating a job-ready generation improving educational outcomes in Tasmania.

I also pay tribute to Professor Hardie who established the Fellowship and the contribution of MyState Bank for their ongoing support in managing the Trust, and I wish this year’s recipients all the best for their studies.


Group 1

  • Kerry McMinn, Principal, Albuera Street Primary
  • Shane Oldfield, Principal, Lindisfarne North Primary
  • Gay Cumming, Principal, Goulburn Street Primary

Study Focus:  To study the role of positive psychology/positive education and factors that influence wellbeing, and its potential in maximising learning outcomes and achievement at student, staff and institutional levels.  

Group 2

  • Kate Slater, Principal, Margate Primary
  • Maree Thompson, Advanced Skills Teacher, Margate Primary

Study Focus: To study what constitutes high quality early learning practices from birth to eight years and investigate the critical elements that underpin the delivery of high quality, evidence based early learning education

Group 3

  • Mandy Reynolds-Smith, Principal, Montrose Bay High
  • Anne Stewart, Assistant Principal, Montrose Bay High

Study Focus: To study will enable us to design a holistic approach that encapsulates high impact strategies across the behavioural, cognitive and emotional domains to maximise student engagement and retention through purposeful learning.

Group 4

  • Elizabeth Robinson, Principal, Risdon Vale Primary
  • Ben Richardson, Principal, Clarendon Vale Primary
  • Bill Jarvis, Acting Principal, Claremont College

Study Focus: To provide understandings to support schools in disadvantaged areas to differentiate the delivery of My Education specifically related to the DoE Strategic Plan: Purposeful Learning, co-ordinated whole-school approach to career and life planning.

To understand how primary schools might mitigate and overcome the effects of fixed-mindset, cultural inertia and gender stereotyping on intergenerational unemployment and disadvantage.

Group 5

  • Bonnie Jeffrey, Acting Principal, Snug Primary
  • Angela Burbury, Assistant Principal, Snug Primary

Study Focus: To study women in leadership and principal preparation programs.

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