Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

8 May 2014

Matthew Groom, Minister for Energy

Government Restoring Tasmania's Competitive Advantage in Energy

The Government is committed to attracting investment, retaining industry and securing jobs by making Tasmania the most competitive place in Australia to do business.

As part of getting on with our comprehensive agenda we have already established a new Energy Working Group which will directly advise the Government on key aspects of energy supply and consumption to assist and inform the development of the Tasmanian Energy Strategy.

Our State Energy Strategy will identify ways in which energy can once again be utilised as an economic driver including by securing a stable and sustainable price path for power that can provide relief to consumers and help grow the economy and attract new investment.

Under the previous Labor-Green Government electricity prices for Tasmanian households and business soared.

In just five years, electricity bills for small customers increased by 65 per cent and industry was hit by massive increases in network charges.

The Energy Working Group, chaired by Rhys Edwards, met in Hobart yesterday and is beginning the process of restoring our competitive advantage in energy.

Its membership is deliberately focussed at energy users and represents the full range of consumer groups, from major industrials, commercial and small business, and the residential and welfare sectors.

The members of the Energy Working Group are:

  • Ray Mostogl (representing the Tasmanian Mineral and Energy Council)
  • Marc White (expert in medium and small business and residential energy users)
  • Greg Zooeff (from the Nyrstar and the Big Picture Group)
  • Tony Reidy (from the Tasmanian Council of Social Services)
  • Jan Davis (from the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association).

We are focussed on our aim to deliver power prices that are amongst the lowest in the nation to Tasmanian households and businesses by introducing effective competition and choice, and through the prudent management of our energy businesses.

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