Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

11 December 2016

Will Hodgman, Premier

Matthew Groom, Minister for State Growth

Government resets vision for Macquarie Point

The Premier, Will Hodgman, and the Minister for State Growth, Matthew Groom, today unveiled an exciting new vision for Macquarie Point.

"The Government has listened to feedback from the community and key stakeholders, and on that basis has determined to reset the Macquarie Point redevelopment," Mr Hodgman said.

"Resetting the vision will ensure the project's full potential can be realised. Macquarie Point presents a once in a generation opportunity for Hobart and Tasmania and we are determined to get it right," Mr Hodgman said.

"Last year, the Macquarie Point Development Corporation engaged MONA to consider how open public space could best be incorporated into the redevelopment. In true MONA style they have delivered a stunning vision for the site with vibrant public space at its core.

"The new vision addresses the feedback we have received and offers a roadmap for realising Macquarie Point's potential as a truly iconic national landmark.

"The Government has directed the Macquarie Point Development Corporation to prepare a new plan for development at Macquarie Point based on the vision released today.

"However, I want to be very clear. While the Government has endorsed the vision as a new starting point for Macquarie Point, it is starting point, not the end product. The Corporation will be expected to consult extensively as it develops the final plan, and I have no doubt it will undergo many changes through that process."

The Minister for State Growth, Matthew Groom, said that the new vision presents an extraordinary opportunity for Hobart and Tasmania.

“This will continue to be a challenging project and its going to take time to deliver. The new plan will set out three clear stages of development. We have formally directed the Macquarie Point Development Corporation to prepare a detailed action plan for the achievement of stage 1,” Minister Groom said.

“Under the new plan the Government wants to see the area developed to include public space, exhibition space, commercial space, cultural space, conference facilities, accommodation, facilities to support our status as Australia’s Antarctic gateway, tourism infrastructure and ultimately, genuine waterfront development.

"The Government remains committed to the removal of the waste water plant but recognises that under the new plan the timing for that work may change. The Government will effectively underwrite the costs of the removal of the waste water treatment plant by committing to meet the residual costs after third party cost recovery, including from developers, is taken into account. We have tasked the Corporation with developing a detailed plan for undertaking the work and its preferred timing.

“The Government will be working with the Macquarie Point Development Corporation to articulate the three stages of development.  The first stage will focus on the development of public space.  In essence, public space will become part of the catalyst that will create the demand for further development on the site.

"The first stage will also include the development of commercial space, exhibition space and accommodation.

“Initial work on developing the detailed plans to deliver the first stage is already underway and we would hope to release those plans later next year. That gives a clear indication as to the complexity involved and the long-term nature of the project.

“The second stage will focus on conference facilities and developing a Tasmanian Aboriginal history centre and an indigenous archive and research centre. “The third stage would focus on the area immediately next to the water, around the apron of the port,” Minister Groom said.

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