Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

6 December 2018

Guy Barnett, Minister for Energy

Government delivering while Labor focus on kooky conspiracy theories

Tasmanians can rest assured that the Hodgman Majority Liberal Government will do nothing that compromises the Tasmania First Energy Policy or the State’s energy security, nor will we privatise Hydro Tasmania.

I am not concerned that the Federal Government’s legislation will impact on Hydro Tasmania, given the regulatory framework in place in Tasmania.

The legislation is aimed at ensuring the lowest possible power prices, in the context of many mainland states facing skyrocketing prices and the Federal Government wanting to control that.

Tasmania already has the lowest regulated prices in the nation and our Government-owned energy businesses have worked closely with the Government to achieve this.

The Government will naturally be scrutinising the legislation.

The fact is that the Government has delivered lower power prices and we don’t need advice from Labor who hiked power prices by 65 per cent over 7 years.

Further, in response to one of the most kooky conspiracy theories ever put forward in estimates, I can confirm there were several dozen dam spills in 2018 due to rainfall exceeding storage capacity. None were arranged for media purposes.

This stunt was a completely unprofessional waste of critical estimates time that should have been used more productively.

Tasmanians deserve more from Labor.

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