Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

4 December 2018

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Infrastructure

Government addressing Hobart traffic issues while Labor offers nothing

The Hodgman majority Liberal Government took another vital step towards addressing Hobart traffic congestion with the Hobart City Council last night voting for the Government to take over Davey and Macquarie streets.

Final ownership will require a proclamation from the Governor, but a dedicated team from State Growth will start work early next year on a detailed plan, in conjunction with the Hobart City Council, retailers and stakeholders, to improve traffic flows along these key transport corridors. This will not include any change to the 50kmh speed limits on Davey and Macquarie streets.

Our comprehensive traffic plan is in complete contrast to Labor and its failed former Infrastructure Minister David O’Byrne who did nothing to plan for Hobart’s growth during 16 years in office and continues to have nothing to offer except shrill cries from the sidelines.

Not only did we take a detailed plan to address traffic congestion to the election, we are getting on with implementing it, step-by-step.

This plan has short, medium and long term commitments, including investigating a Western City Bypass, an Eastern Road Link or a Cross City Tunnel.

Planning and consultation for the Southern Outlet 5th lane has started and I will receive an analysis report on a Metro Derwent Ferry service before the end of this month.

Planning for improvements to the Domain Highway are underway, works at the Hobart Airport roundabout have started and benefits are being felt every day from our multi-million dollar investment in the Brooker Highway at Elwick.

The question for Labor is do they still support our $16 million investment into Davey and Macquarie streets? And what about long term options like a Western Link Road or Cross City Tunnel?

Labor had no ideas in government and it’s clear they have even less in opposition.

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