Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

5 June 2017

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Primary Industries and Water

Getting tougher on Marine Farm debris

Salmon farmers and other marine farmers will be more closely monitored on the containment of their equipment and infrastructure to within their marine farm leases under a new initiative by the Hodgman Liberal Government.

Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) officers will be authorised to monitor and respond to breaches, where marine farm equipment is found outside of marine farm lease areas.

The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment is currently working with Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) to double the number of authorised officers under the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995. This will bring the total to 4 DPIPWE officers and 4 MAST officers.

With this authorisation, MAST staff, in addition to DPIPWE authorised marine farming officers, will be able to monitor and issue infringement notices where marine farming equipment is found to be inappropriately out of area.

Marine farmers such as salmon farmers have a responsibility to ensure they appropriately manage their equipment, so that they don’t pose a safety risk to recreational and commercial boat operators or allow debris to wash ashore in our waterways.

The Tasmanian Government is committed to the sustainable growth of our world-class salmon industry. The salmon industry supports more than 5200 jobs in regional Tasmania but it must also take responsibility for its equipment and how it is secured and maintained.

This initiative will form part of a Sustainable Salmonid Industry Growth Plan which is being developed with the industry to guide future sustainable growth.

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