Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

15 August 2019

Peter Gutwein, Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage

Getting the balance right to grow opportunities throughout Tasmania

The Hodgman majority Liberal Government understands we must protect what is special about our way of life so it can continue to be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

Tourism is a key driver of our economy, with a record $2.49 billion spent by visitors in the last year, creating jobs in every corner of the State.

Tasmanians understand the importance of our local visitor economy, unlike the Greens and the anti-everything brigade who only complain about our thriving tourism industry.

The Government is committed to supporting sensible and sustainable tourism on our public lands. It is a policy which was overwhelmingly endorsed by Tasmanians at the last election.

The Expressions of Interest initiative provides an open and transparent means to enable entrepreneurs to bring forward innovative ideas for sensible and appropriate tourism offerings and experiences in our state.

The EOI initiative ensures that all significant tourism proposals for Tasmania’s public lands are rigorously assessed by an expert panel which determines their suitability.

The initiative also provides greater transparency and public confidence because all proposals assessed as appropriate are made public, and if a proposal is deemed suitable, it still must go through all requisite Commonwealth, State and local council planning and approval processes.

Tasmanians are sick and tired of the Greens negative attitude towards everything. Their only agenda is to lock up Tasmania, locking people out of our natural areas and jobs, which further reinforces that they and their supporters have nothing to stand for.

We cannot afford to take our tourism success for granted, nor underestimate the contribution it makes to our economy.

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