Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

16 January 2019

Leonie Hiscutt, Liberal Member for Montgomery

Further calls for mandatory jail time for child sex offenders

Yet again, the community has demanded tougher jail sentences for child sex offenders.

Following the calls of community and victim support groups, including Bravehearts, Survivor and Beyond Abuse founder, Steve Fisher, has added his voice to demands for tougher jail sentences for child sex offenders.

These calls come after The Mercury reported that 75.5 per cent of readers supported mandatory minimum sentences for child sex offenders.

There is no doubt the community wants tougher sentencing for child sex offenders – the only ones who don’t are Labor.

Rebecca White and Labor’s candidate for Montgomery continue to stay silent and ignore the community’s pleas for tougher sentences.

We know that Labor Party members in the Legislative Council have blocked mandatory sentences for child sex offenders once, and their Members and candidates will do so again.

It’s time Labor put children first and commit to dumping their policy to obstruct tougher sentences in the Legislative Council.

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