Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

23 May 2018

Sarah Courtney, Minister for Primary Industries and Water

Fruit fly eradication efforts continue into winter

The Hodgman Liberal Government remains totally committed to eradicating fruit fly from our State.

With the onset of winter we will maintain control area restrictions until we are declared fruit fly free, we will continue with pre-border and border treatment and monitoring and will be compiling evidence for the Commonwealth to use in negotiations with our trading partners in key markets.

We have utilised the considerable expertise within Biosecurity Tasmania, the emergency response capability within the State Service and we are continuing to work in partnership with our growers, farmers and their industry bodies like Fruit Growers Tasmania, Wine Tasmania and the TFGA.

Biosecurity Tasmania is continuing to work alongside industry representatives to provide advice and assistance to the community, and is maintaining border protections, inspections and monitoring more than 1000 fruit fly traps.

There have been no further detections of fruit fly since the discovery of a male fly in Mowbray in early May.

Modelling conducted by the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture shows that the likelihood of fruit fly surviving long enough over winter is extremely low and Biosecurity Tasmania is also confident that the treatments applied at infected sites will result in eradication.

As at April 30, 2018, a total of $5.5 million has been spent on the fruit fly eradication response, including the Growers and Post-Farm Gate Assistance Program, with provision of up to $8 million being made for this financial year.

We have also worked with the Australian Government to establish a $20 million Biosecurity Emergency Response and Research Fund to help meet the current and future costs of the eradication and understanding future biosecurity risks.

The Hodgman Liberal Government acted quickly and comprehensively and continues to work closely with growers, farmers and stakeholders on fruit fly eradication and we thank all Tasmanians for their continued vigilance and support.

Further information about fruit fly and the latest information can be found at Biosecurity Tasmania 6165 3774 or www.dpipwe.tas.gov.au

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