Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

1 April 2014

Paul Harriss, Minister for Resources

First test for Opposition Leader

Labor must respect the Liberals' mandate and support tearing up the Tasmanian forestry deal

Forestry will be the first key test for new Opposition Leader, Bryan Green.

Mr Green was the architect of the disastrous forestry deal, which was like a death warrant for the forestry industry and destroyed thousands of jobs around the State.

It's time Mr Green acknowledged he got it wrong, apologised to the people whose lives he all but destroyed and commit to supporting our plan to rebuild forestry. 

Today, Mr Green acknowledged the Liberals have a clear mandate to tear up the forestry deal.  If Mr Green really wants to show people that Labor has listened to the people and is prepared to change, he must support the Liberals' plan to tear up the deal.

If he won't, then it will show that Labor has learnt nothing from the election result and that they are still captive to the Greens.

The Liberals are committed to growing the industry, creating jobs and restoring hope to our regional communities.  The question is: is Bryan Green?

This is the first test for the Opposition Leader. He and his Labor colleagues will be judged by the Tasmanian people who want him to honour the Government's mandate.

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