Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

12 October 2018

Peter Gutwein, Minister for State Growth

Ex-HMAS Darwin

The Tasmanian Government has decided not to accept the Commonwealth Government’s offer of the ex-HMAS Darwin for scuttling off the East Coast.

Due diligence undertaken by the Department of State Growth has identified it would cost in in excess of $12 million to prepare and establish the ex-HMAS Darwin as a dive wreck.

Additionally, the Department found there are further ongoing costs, approximately $600,000 per annum, to monitor and manage the dive wreck site that would not be covered by dive permit receipts.

The Government believes these resources would be better invested into health, education or other initiatives that would provide a greater benefit to the State.

We thank the Commonwealth for their offer, however, the costs associated with the project have rendered it financially unfeasible.

Over recent months, the Government has received numerous representations from the local community, both in support of the project and against it. There is no doubt that some will be disappointed with the outcome.

Ultimately, the Government decided that this opportunity was not right for either Tasmania or the East Coast and the decision has been made with the best interests of the State in mind.

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