Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

1 February 2016

Matthew Groom, Minister for Energy

Energy update

Tasmania continues to face challenging and difficult energy circumstances as a result of the unprecedented combination of record low spring rainfall, and the Basslink outage.

Hydro Tasmania has advised me today that following last week’s rain, water storage levels remain steady at 18.9 per cent, the same level as this time last week. 

While these recent rainfalls have been helpful we are still dealing with very challenging circumstances. January for example continues to be well below average for inflows to Hydro's storages despite the recent rain.

That is why the Government continues to work closely with Hydro Tasmania on appropriate contingencies.

The Tamar Valley power station continues to generate over 280 MW into the system and has been running smoothly over the past week.

Six additional diesel units arrived at Devonport on Friday and will be stored at a nearby facility so that if required they can be activated quickly.  These units are part of an additional 24 MW of diesel generation which is being prepared as a further contingency and will be ready to generate power if needed by early March. A further 34 MW of diesel generation has also been sourced and will begin arriving in Tasmania shortly. 

I am advised that work on Basslink continues and there has been no change to the scheduled resumption date of 19 March.

The Government will continue to stay in close communication with Basslink to understand the progress of the repair work. 

The Tasmanian people can be assured that the Government will continue do everything necessary to ensure that energy security is maintained.

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