Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

5 June 2017

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training

Emergency procedure phone app for schools

Principals and teachers are vital to helping our children get the best education, and the Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to providing a safe workplace by helping educators deal with critical incidents faster and easier.

The Critical Incident and Emergency Procedures phone app is now available to provide step by step instructions and information at the user’s fingertips. Regardless of whether an incident occurs in the classroom, on the school oval or in the play-ground, teachers and principals can respond quickly, safely and accurately, using their phone.

The app contains key emergency contacts and information in a quick, portable and easy to use format, such as allowing the user to make a call in one click and then return back to their place in the app.

The app covers five key critical incident categories – Assault, Hazard, Medical, Natural Disaster and Security, aligning with Tasmanian emergency management arrangements.

The app is in addition to policies already in place to help with critical events, from local workplace incidents through to major emergencies that may impact whole-of-agency or be state-wide.

Along with the 2017-18 Budget announcement of $280 000 for research and seed funding for strategies to improve the health and safety of our school Principals, this investment shows that, with the Budget back on track, our education providers are receiving the funding and structural change they need to succeed.

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