Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

8 November 2018

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training

Early Years Workforce Development Plan

Last year the Hodgman Liberal Government announced it would partner with Early Childhood Australia (Tasmanian Branch) to build on teacher and educator skills.

The Early Years and School Age Care Sectors Workforce Plan for Tasmania 2017-2020 provides our educators with the opportunities to further develop their skills and learning, and to ensure our children are getting the best possible start in life.

I am pleased to announce that the Tasmanian Government will continue the funding, from the Department of Education’s Education and Care Unit’s Grant Program, to progress the second year of this Workforce Plan.

The second year of the Plan will continue to explore options and pathways to ensure a sustainable Early Years and School Age Care Sector workforce in Tasmania into the future, further strengthening the relationship between the Department and the Early Childhood Education and Care sector.

This will include the continuation of established Innovation Networks allowing collaboration between stakeholders to identify strategic goals and actions and the ongoing development of an online workforce hub as a ‘one stop shop’ for the Early Years and School Age Care sectors and broader community.

This aligns with the Hodgman Liberal Government’s key focus on the Early Years and supporting high quality learning experiences for Tasmanian children.

Our targets for Education and training infrastructure include:

  • By 2020 be at or above the national standard in every single NAPLAN measurement in reading, writing, maths and science.
  • Ensure the retention rate of students from years 10-12 is at or above the national average by 2022.
  • 75 per cent of all students to complete their TCE by 2022.
  • Invest a record $324 million over 6 years into Education including 250 more teachers and 358 new staff in total.
  • Invest $192 million in Education infrastructure.
  • Increase the long-term average investment in public infrastructure by 20 per cent

See all of our targets at: https://www.tas.liberal.org.au/sites/default/files/BuildingYourFuture.pdf

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