Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

4 December 2017

Roger Jaensch, Liberal Member for Braddon

Does Labor support Penguin District High's extension to Years 11-12?

Labor’s policy on extending high schools to Years 11-12 is as clear as mud, and they must explain where it stands on schools extending to Year 11-12.

In particular, do Labor support the extension of Penguin District High to Years 11-12 in 2019, and will they match our $20 million commitment to upgrade the school?

On the one hand they say they oppose our high school extension policy, on the other they claim they won’t roll-it back in schools already extended.

Labor can’t have it both ways, they either support extending high schools to Years 11-12, or they don’t.

Here’s news for Ms O’Byrne,  you can’t be a little bit pregnant on this policy.

It's time Labor stood up for our school communities and put kids first, instead of bowing to union pressures.

Our policy has seen more students stay onto Years 11-12, why and how can Labor be opposed to this?

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