Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

20 May 2018

Michael Ferguson, Leader of the House

Delivering on commitments in Parliament this week

The majority Hodgman Liberal Government will continue its work to deliver on our Plan to take Tasmania to the next level during this week’s Parliamentary sitting.

At the election the Government made a commitment to lower the cost of living burden for Tasmanians, and we are delivering.

This week legislation will be introduced to cap electricity price growth to no more than CPI for a three year period, as we begin the process of de-linking our pricing framework from the mainland.

We promised to do this within 100 days of being re-elected and it is being done.

Under our Tasmania First energy policy, we have committed to providing Tasmanians with reliable and renewable power, at the lowest possible price.

Our Plan will break the former Labor-Green Government’s link with mainland prices and give Tasmania the lowest power prices in the nation by 2022.

This week, the Hodgman Liberal Government will formally welcome its newest member, the new Liberal Member for Prosser, Jane Howlett, to Parliament.

I am confident Jane will make a positive contribution on behalf of the Prosser community as a strong voice inside the Government.

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