Premier of Tasmania

30 July 2019

Roger Jaensch, Minister for Housing

Delivering additional support to Tasmanians in need

The Hodgman Majority Liberal Government is progressing its work plan following the allocation of an additional $5 million for immediate action to reduce homelessness and housing stress.

As well as working with the tourism and hospitality sector to secure more emergency accommodation for people in urgent need, we are expanding the capacity of existing homeless shelters by installing pre-fabricated units alongside their existing facilities.

This new capacity will accommodate up to 70 people who are currently homeless or at risk of homelessness and will support families and individuals sleeping rough.

In principle agreements have been reached with Bethlehem House to support 18 new units for men and the Hobart Women’s Shelter to support 17 units for women, children and family groups and provide the additional support and services required.

Some of the units are existing houses, resulting from discussions with the University of Tasmania and the remainder are temporary accommodation being delivered by Royal Wolf.

The new funding is also providing more emergency and short-term accommodation across the state to bridge the gap in demand for housing while we are bringing on new housing stock under our Affordable Housing Strategy and Action Plans.

The Department of Justice will now lodge a draft Planning Directive with the Tasmanian Planning Commission to ensure that there are no unnecessary planning impediments to the roll-out of the temporary emergency accommodation.

We know there is still a lot more to do, and we will continue our focus on helping Tasmanians in need into safe, secure accommodation.

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