Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

14 September 2017

Michael Ferguson, Minister for Health

Day for pregnancy and infant loss deaths

October 15 will officially be recognised as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

Each year, it is estimated that one in 135 births are stillborn, and one in four women will experience a miscarriage.

In Tasmania alone, there are 40 stillbirths and 20 newborn deaths each year.  Australia wide, there are 2000 stillbirths.

Despite these sobering statistics, the subject of losing a child is rarely spoken about and families are often left to grieve in silence.

Formal recognition of this day will create awareness in the wider community about this devastating issue.

More importantly, it will demonstrate to bereaved families that there is care and support available.

The day of recognition follows on from the introduction in 2015 of early loss recognition certificates by the Attorney-General, Vanessa Goodwin.

I want to acknowledge the dedication of Maria Bond from Bears of Hope Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, who has campaigned tirelessly for the last five years for formal recognition of this day.

My hope is that other States and Territories will follow the lead of New South Wales, Western Australia and now Tasmania in supporting families who have lost a child.

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