Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

16 September 2020

Elise Archer, Attorney-General and Minister for Corrections

Custodial Inspector report tabled in State Parliament

The Tasmanian Government remains committed to addressing the issues facing Tasmania’s correctional system.

Today I tabled the finalised report from the Custodial Inspector, titled Rehabilitation and Reintegration Report, March 2020.

The report makes 39 recommendations with respect to rehabilitation and reintegration, specifically individual case management, offender programs, education and preparation for release and employment.

The Tasmania Government is supporting all but one of the recommendations contained in the draft Report and significant progress on many of the matters referred to in the Report has already occurred since it was received.

The custodial inspector role was created by our Government and his work is assisting usto ensure that we provide a safe and constructive environment in which prisoners can address their offending behaviour and prepare for a return into the community.

Our Government created the role to be able to continuously improve the prison service.

The ongoing work of the Custodial Inspector will ensure we deliver effective, accountable and humane custodial services, and I thank the Custodial Inspector and his staff for their work.

The Government makes no apology for putting serious and dangerous offenders in prison to protect the community, however we are balancing this by doing more than ever before to ensure offenders are successfully rehabilitated and reintegrated back into the community as productive and law-abiding citizens, and this remains a key priority for our Government.

Under our Government, there has been considerable investment in both staff and infrastructure at the Tasmania Prison Service.

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