Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

12 March 2020

Michael Ferguson, Minister for State Growth

Creating more liveable CBD space in Launceston

An initiative under the Launceston City Deal to convert underutilised inner-city properties into residential spaces has proven successful, with a number of developments already completed and more underway.

An increase in in-fill development in the CBD and assistance to the private sector to redevelop buildings in Launceston for residential purposes are commitments under the City Deal.

This is improving housing supply and affordability by encouraging higher density development, supporting inner city living options and providing greater diversity of housing options and integrated planning.

The project has been underpinned by a $150,000 contribution to an in-fill study by the Tasmanian Government.

The Tasmanian majority Liberal Government introduced limited exemptions relating to the conversion of first floor spaces into sole occupancy residential units. The exemptions were nation-leading and were specifically introduced to encourage the use of typically under-utilised shop tops for residential purposes.

We will continue to work with businesses, councils and the Australian Government to deliver the Launceston City Deal, which includes support for housing options in central Launceston that is better connected to local jobs, education and transport.

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