Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

15 September 2020

Jane Howlett, Minister for Racing

Chair and members appointed to the Tasmanian Racing Appeal Board

As Minister for Racing I would like to congratulate Ms Kate Cuthbertson who has been appointed the new Chair of the Tasmanian Racing Appeal Board (TRAB) from 1 January 2021 and Ms Wendy Kennedy, Mr Rodney Lester and Dr Suzanne Martin who have been reappointed as members for a further term.

The TRAB, established under the Racing Regulation Act 2004, is responsible for conducting hearings and making determinations on appeals against decisions of racing stewards, the Director of Racing, Tasracing or registered race clubs.

Ms Cuthbertson is a Tasmanian barrister who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role, having been Deputy Chair of the Board since 2010. Ms Cuthbertson and the re-appointed members have an excellent understanding of the racing environment and the various animal welfare and integrity issues that arise in the context of the Board’s jurisdiction.

I would also like to thank outgoing Chair Mr Tom Cox and outgoing Deputy Chair Ms Kate Brown, whose terms expire on 31 December this year, for the valuable contributions they have made as members of the Board.

Both Mr Cox and Ms Brown have been members of the TRAB and/or the former Integrity Assurance Board over the last 12 years and I thank them for their high levels of commitment and professionalism over this time.

The Tasmanian Government takes animal welfare and racing integrity extremely seriously and is committed to ensuring that the TRAB continues to be fully constituted in accordance with the Racing Regulation Act 2004.

An expression of interest will be undertaken for two new Deputy Chairs to the TRAB.

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