Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

15 June 2019

Elise Archer, Minister for Environment

Burn Brighter this Winter

Tasmanians are being encouraged to ‘Burn Brighter this Winter’ as part of a campaign to reduce smoke emissions from wood heaters.

During winter months wood heater smoke tends to get trapped by the cold air and can cause a smoky environment.

This can have a harmful effect on people with respiratory illnesses, which is why we want to reduce the amount of smoke in the atmosphere.

The ‘Burn Brighter this Winter’ campaign advises wood heater owners in Tasmania about how to limit their smoke emissions, including:

  • Always burn with a flame – don’t let your fire smoulder;
  • After reloading, open the air control and burn your fires on high for 20 minutes, especially before going to bed;
  • Only burn dry, seasoned wood; and
  • Ensure your flue is clean.

More information can be found on the Environmental Protection Authority’s (EPA) website

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