Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

22 November 2017

Sarah Courtney, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier

Bec White continues her fence sitting

Opposition Leader Bec White is all complaint, but no solution.

The Tasmanian electorate expects more from a wannabe premier, but all they get is lazy political game playing.

The latest example is Ms White’s decision to refer almost 600 Labor RTI requests to the Ombudsman for review.

Ms White has done this in the knowledge it would put the Ombudsman “under stain” *  and would take years to process.

As if this political stunt isn’t hollow enough, she then refused to commit to additional resourcing of the Ombudsman’s office if elected.

Ms White can’t have it both ways, she complains about a lack of resourcing and then refuses to commit to additional resourcing for the office of the Ombudsman

Leading a political party is a serious job, but Ms White seems to believe shallow, lazy political game playing is good enough.

*”Tasmanian Ombudsman Right to Information review backlog blows out to 666 years” (ABC news online 22/11/17)

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