Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

18 September 2020

Elise Archer, Minister for the Arts

Arts funding assessment process

The Tasmanian Government strongly supports our world-class forestry industry and the jobs it supports in regional Tasmania.

The Cultural and Creative Industries Act 2017 includes an independent system of peer assessment and expert advice in all funding decisions under Screen Tasmania and Arts Tasmania.

However, all grant recipients have a responsibility to ensure they use funding appropriately and within the guidelines of the law.

Accordingly, to maintain the integrity of this independent process, I have asked for the assessment process to be reviewed to ensure that illegal activities are not promoted or endorsed.

Labor’s hypocrisy on this issue is simply staggering. Every single Labor member, including Shane Broad, voted against the Government’s workplace protection laws, abandoning workers and putting the rights of extremist protesters above the rights of law-abiding Tasmanians.

If Labor really believe in cracking down on extremist illegal activity, they will commit today to backing these strong laws, just like every other Labor Government has done around the country.

Unlike Labor, the Tasmanian Government will continue to back in both our strong forestry and arts sectors and the jobs and investment they support across the State.

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