Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

12 October 2017

Elise Archer, Minister for Environment and Parks

Another tourism opportunity for Tasman Island

Tourists could soon enjoy the beautiful Tasman National Park from the air, as a change to the management plan could open it up for sensitive and appropriate aircraft access.

The continued success of the Three Capes Track has highlighted the tourism value of Tasmania’s South East coast and the Hodgman Liberal Government is focused on ensuring experiences are provided for all visitors.

The Tasman National Park Management Plan 2017 took effect on October 4, and now enables the consideration of helicopter access to Tasman Island for recreational and tourism purposes – providing the opportunity for more people to visit and enjoy the region.

Through the EOI process, Tasmanian operator Rotor Lift Aviation has put forward a proposal to fly tourists to the spectacular 120 hectare island.

The Plan now allows commercial helicopter landings, however this activity will require Parks and Wildlife approval through a Reserve Activity Assessment (RAA).

This is to ensure that proposed activities are environmentally, socially and economically acceptable.

Subject to a detailed RAA process - which includes looking at flight path and frequency, impacts to wildlife, protection of biosecurity and minimising potential impacts on other park visitors, Parks and Wildlife will now work with Rotor Lift Aviation on a trial.

This is a great opportunity for Tasmania to further raise its profile and allow the rest of the world to gain an appreciation for another one of our stunning locations, as well as add a new activity on the Tasman Peninsula.

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