Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

19 November 2017

Will Hodgman, Premier

Amping up our Plan to Build Your Future

With just four months until the election which is due in March, the Government is amping up our Plan to take Tasmania to the next level, with a major advertising campaign commencing tonight.*

There’s no doubt that after three and a half years of majority Liberal Government Tasmania is heading in the right direction. More Tasmanians than ever are in work with over 10,000 new jobs created since the last state election, and our budget is back in balance, meaning we can afford to invest more into essential services such as health.

Our hospital elective surgery waiting lists are at record lows, and more young Tasmanians are completing year 12, giving them the best shot in life.

And, our agriculture, aquaculture and tourism sectors are booming, creating vital jobs in regional Tasmania.

But we know this isn’t as good as it gets.

We know not everyone is feeling the benefits of the stronger economy, or shorter hospital waiting lists, and we know that rising costs of living are a real issue. So now we’re focused on Building Your Future.

Our Plan to Build Your Future focuses on six priority areas we know are important to you –

  • To deliver a stronger economy and more jobs
  • Act on the cost of living
  • Invest more into health, education and Tasmanians in need
  • Keep Tasmanians safe
  • Protect the Tasmanian way of life, and
  • Build Tasmania’s infrastructure for the 21st century.

In fact our new Plan contains 43 specific ways we’ll improve the lives of you and your family.

Between now and the election, we’ll be taking every opportunity to talk about our strong record and our positive Plan for the future.

In contrast, our opponents have no plan and policies for Tasmania’s future other than to try and sneak into government with a “small target” strategy.

In March, Tasmanians will have a choice - to build on the gains of the last four years with our Plan to Build Your Future, or to go back to the disastrous years of Labor and the Greens.

*The TVC is available at facebook.com/willhodgman

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