Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

14 July 2020

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Trade

Additional $2.65 million for trade boost

With many Tasmanian businesses impacted due to the global COVID-19 disruptions, it is vital we chart a course for trade to take a key role in our economic recovery.

The Tasmanian Government will help our producers, exporters and manufacturers adjust to the new business climate by committing an additional $2.65 million for trade development.

The Interim Trade Action Plan (ITAP) provides immediate trade initiatives to support Tasmanian business and industry to maintain, reclaim and grow our reputation in national and international marketplaces.

With changing and uncertain global markets due to the pandemic, we are aiming to position Tasmania well for recovery and prosperity by growing our international export capacity, sales and reputation.

Our 40-point action plan is underpinned by the four priorities outlined in our Tasmanian Trade Strategy 2019-2025:

  1. Building trade in key sectors;
  2. Showcasing Tasmania in priority markets;
  3. Supporting trade logistics and market access; and
  4. Building export capacity of Tasmanian businesses.

The actions are based around six of our key export sectors of advanced manufacturing, food and agribusiness, international education, resources and energy, science and technology and tourism.

COVID-19 has presented a need for agility and as our state adapts to the impacts of the pandemic, trade will remain a key driver of jobs, innovation, and growth in the economy throughout the State.

ITAP will provide guidance and support for Tasmanian exporters as they rebound and reconfigure their business to capitalise on their potential and respond to changing global market dynamics.

The Tasmanian Government remains committed, now more than ever, to empowering Tasmanian exporters to take their world-class products and services to customers around the world.

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