Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

18 November 2019

Guy Barnett, Minister for Primary Industries and Water

Labor looks set to sell out farmers and workers again

The party that claims to be for the workers has again shown it’s only too willing to sell out hard working Tasmanians to keep their woke inner city Green allies happy.

Labor seem to be putting the rights of protestors above the rights of workers.

Despite publicly divorcing from the Greens and promising to back workers and rural communities at their recent State Conference, Labor continue to vote with the Greens and now plan to oppose our Bill to protect Tasmanian workers right to work.

We expect the Greens to oppose our Workplaces (Protection from Protesters) Amendment Bill, as they continue to oppose any regional jobs, but Tasmanians deserve better from Labor.

When asked about our protections for worker and businesses Sarah Lovell Stated:

“We opposed that legislation last time it was brought before parliament…” she said.

“The right to peaceful protest is a fundamental right and a right that Labor supports. So it would be hard to imagine that our position will change on that issue…”

Does Labor support protesters invading farms, blocking roads and threatening workers?

Widely backed by Tasmanian business groups, our Bill will protect business, workers and their families from trespass, threats and the obstruction of their right to work.

The Government is strongly committed to the right of people to protest, but not at the expense of the right of workers to earn a living or the right of business to operate safely and free from threats, interference and disruption.

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