Will Hodgman

Premier of Tasmania

15 December 2017

Guy Barnett, Minister for Energy

$1.6 billion wind farms to create 250 jobs

The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to a “Tasmania-First” energy policy to ensure Tasmanians have access to renewable and reliable energy, and pay the lowest possible electricity prices.

Today is an important step forward in Tasmania becoming the renewable energy battery of the nation, with UPC Renewables Australia reaching a major milestone in its plan to develop two wind farms on Robbins Island and Jims Plains along the far the west coast of Tasmania.

The company has built the first of four 110-metre tall wind monitoring towers on Robbins Island which will provide the data required to further develop the two projects.

These projects are a huge game-changer for jobs in the North West and for energy security in Tasmania.

The Liberal Government is backing UPC to take these projects to their full potential by working with the Federal Government to jointly invest up to $20 million to further progress the business case for a Second Basslink Interconnector.

UPC has advised that the full potential of these projects - a massive $1.6 billion development which will create around 250 jobs during construction and more than 50 ongoing jobs once construction is complete – will only be achieved with further inter-connection to the mainland.

The Hodgman Liberal Government understands that greater on-island renewable energy supply is crucial to lowering energy price and providing a more secure energy situation in Tasmania.

Once complete, the wind farms will generate up to 1000MW, helping to deliver the Tasmanian Government’s ambitious target of becoming self-sufficient in renewable energy generation by the end of 2022.

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