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Keeping Tasmanians Safe


  • $120.9m for the Tasmanian Government Radio Network Project*
  • $46.1m for Project Unify to upgrade Tasmania Police IT systems
  • $40m for bushfire emergency costs*
  • $2m for biosecurity risk management and truck and machinery washes
  • $75,000 to develop a new Bushfires Act
  • $295,000 for Bushfire Fuel Reduction activities by private landholders
  • $8.9m for the COVID-19 Response and State Security, including additional police*
  • $2.7m for Emergency Alert*
  • $1.7m for SES Community Protection Planning for Flood and Storm Hazard
  • $1.9m to prepare for Emergency Events and Emerging Security Threats
  • $2.1m to provide Winch Insertion capability for remote bushfire fighting*


  • $14.4m for the Burnie Court complex as part of a $15m project
  • $111.1m for the new Northern Regional Prison as part of a $270m project
  • $79.9m for the completion of the new Southern Remand Centre as part of an $85m project
  • $9.3m for the upgrade of shared facilities at the Risdon Prison
  • $6.3m for the redevelopment of the Ashley Youth Detention Centre, as part of a $7m project
  • $1.8m for video conferencing and recording upgrades^
  • $2.3m for the Serious Cases Fund – Complex Criminal Trials*
  • $19.7m for Southern Remand Centre operational costs*
  • $812,000 for Statewide Forensic Pathology Services*
  • $14m to meet increasing demand and cost pressures in the Tasmanian Prison Service*
  • $3m for additional funding for the Director of Public Prosecutions*


  • $12m to complete the Tasmania Police large vessel replacement program
  • $11.7m for the Burnie and Glenorchy Ambulance Stations^
  • $8m for State Fire Commission additional support^
  • $5.4m to maintain Triple Zero infrastructure*
  • $250,000 for volunteer mental health support
  • $7m for the refurbishment of the Launceston Police Station
  • $2.1m for the Campbell Town Ambulance Station
  • $654,000 for the continued rollout of Tasmania Police’s body worn cameras, as part of a $3.5m project
  • $25.3m for the continued roll-out of 42 new paramedics for regional and rural areas statewide*
  • $200,000 for drones to support Tasmania Police operations
  • $4.2m for the completion of the new Longford Police Station
  • $4.5m for the completion of the New Norfolk Police Station
  • $3.5m for the Emergency Services Operations Centre^
  • $1m for Police infrastructure
  • $11.5m for the completion of the Sorell Emergency Services Hub
  • $1m to support our Emergency Services Volunteers
  • $13.2m for new and upgraded Tasmania Police housing across the State
  • $8.9m to provide 20 more police officers in addition to the extra 125 police officers already being deployed to regional and rural Tasmania by 2022


  • $145m in COVID-19 contingency funding, including $51.7m for health, $6m for the Border response/G2G App and $8.6m for the COVID-19 Response Unit
  • $23m for Emergency Accommodation Assistance (quarantine facilities)
  • $1.6m for the COVID-19 Rapid Response Team
  • $929,000 for emergency accommodation of health care and other frontline workers

* Over 4 years ^ Over 2 years ~ Over 3 years # incl Aust Govt Funding